Wednesday, 26 May 2010


GOD ... this three letter word is the ruler of he universe ,ruler of the mind of  every single creature.Not a leaf,as they say ,can move without His will. He defies laws and theorems of science. He is  The Almighty .


Who is he ? Is he Rama ,who was born a prince ,brought up in luxury,married a pretty Sita , fought a brutal battle for her,suspected her,and eventually cost her life in course of proving Himself The PURUSHOTTAM??

Is he Allah,who has no displayable face, whose messenger the Prophet Mohammad was a skilled warrior too ,and fought furious battles .

Is He Christ?A lean fellow,who served the poor and finally got crucified for spreading his faith? 

No,they were all common men,who awakened the God inside them.They made their own ways and followed the path explored by themselves.

But we.........we are weakened ,mean,selfish fellows.We worship stones,wear a skullcap,hang down a cross across our chest and hope the blessings of God to be with us,in whatever we do,whether right or wrong.

In fact ,there is nothing like God in this world.Man is his own God.If God was really present,as depicted omnipresent,the world would have been a better place to live in ,with all people happy and no miseries,no injustice.But this is not the case.Good men are killed,cities are burned down by some handful of so called powerful people.Women are not safe even in their own house.

People those who are powerful and rich,praise God  for their power and wealth.Poor ones blame their own God for their misery.

       मान जाऊं मैं उसे ,
       गर दीदार हो कभी |

             पूजते हैं सब जिसे ,
             कहते हैं भगवान  सभी |
        देख लें मेरी निगाहें ,
        तब ज़रा विश्वाश हो |
             छू के गुज़रे नूर उसका ,
             और मुझे एहसास हो ||



  1. Some valid points in for non-existence of GOD.
    But what THEY did was after proving their worth. Deeds by THEM may be wrong, but GOD can never be wrong. Also the world of your fanticy I think should never come into existence, otherwise it would be more chaotic than the worst you can think.
    Always forget 2 things: 1.Bad deeds done to you by someone and 2. good deeds done by you for someone.
    Always remember 2 things: 1. Time is never going to remain same and 2. Learn to surrender before GOD.

  2. ashu bhai... what i think is that GOD is nothing but our MIND ... i dont thnk that GOD is some one with 2 hands and legs like us ..otherwise the question would arise "who created GO then?" ... IT is just a sourse of energy nothing else ... we need not to worship HIM by praying and singing HIS praises .. if every thing is made by HIM then why some things are termed as bad and others as good.??

  3. आपकी ( मौत , तू नयी ज़िंदगी है ) चर्चा मंच के साप्ताहिक काव्य मंच पर मंगलवार १.०६.२०१० के लिए ली गयी है ..