Sunday, 25 April 2010


Many a times I pass through the street of past memories,
many a times I talk to th
ose who have stopped speaking years ago ,
many a times I see things,which no living eye can boast of seeing.

Here in this lost world I have my home,
here sometimes I laugh a lot ,
sometimes I weep alone.

More often I see a child ,always happy,
brimming with life ,wherever is he,
he has no sign of pride and has nothing to hide.

He hears his name and shoots to the street,
down the road ,sometimes barefeet.
Busy in his plays he has no time to eat ,
he leaves in the sun ,and its night till retreat.

No fear ,no boundation ,thischildhood is life's foundation.
This chid is me whom I talk about ,
these memories are mine which I see throughout .

I cherish the sweet memories of my childhood,
can I have those days back?Iwish I could.

Life's caravan seems to have no hault,
no one can stop it ,its no one's fault.

How good were those days I had no fears ,
remembering them I can only shed tears.

Let us remember those days and weep together ,
we ve no other way and no solution better .

To remind myself of my past stories,
I often visit "The Street Of Memories"......