Sunday, 28 March 2010


This particular blog of mine emphasis on the importance of protection of public property by the people themselves with the support of the local administration.
Firstly i would like to throw some light on what is public property.The property NOT owned by any individual and maintained by the society ,state or nation is called public property.It is the maintainance of the public property that shows out the prosperity of a city,state or country .In some countries like Russia it is sacred and inviolable and that people attempting to obtain public property into their private possession should be considered enemies of the people.

What today we need to understand in India is the importance of protection of public property.We should understand and make others realize that public property is their own property and it is maintained and built by their own money. Any damage to it shall ultimately cost themselves.Roads,parks,public libraries,bus stands,railway stations etc come under public property.

Damage to the public property is done by actions like strikes,riots,political meetings in form of rallies,protests,and sometimes festivals' celebrations.Every time any of these occurs,the state administration should take strict action against the culprits and protect the public property.It is the duty of each and every citizen to be aware and conscious about the public property after all it is our own property built up by our own hard earned money .Spitting on streets,putting up of unwanted advertising posters on walls,breaking of fences of parks,digging of roads without permission,damage to properties for protests,throwing of garbage on streets,rivers,lakes etc should be treated as severe crime and dealt properly with.

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