Tuesday, 2 February 2010


A question that has ailed the humanity since its origin is"what happens after death?" Someone asked a monk that what he feels about the post death scenerio, the monk answered "a new life".

Many people,speacially the religious ones,have the vote that after death the "soul" departs from the body of a human being (rather a living being)and enters a new one . That means "soul" changes bodies in the same way as we humans change clothes.And the same was told by "Lord Krishna" in His sermon to Arjuna in the battlefield of Mahabharata.

What i feel about this particular question of life after death is that ,when a living being dies,the energy that had driven him so far leaves his body and becomes a part of a huge store of enormous energy . As soon as a "point energy" (soul) combines with the large store ,another point energy leaves the store and we call it "a new birth" of a new living being.

Let me explain this by a simple practical example. Suppose there is a row of some small metallic balls put next to each other as shown in fig.on top of this post. Now if another Ball is made to hit at one end of the row , immediately the ball at the other end leaves the row (by simple transfer of energy concept).

Please give your thoughts and views on this topic.....


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